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Hi & Welcome to the Blucalypt website.

We are located between Brisbane & Beaudesert in Queensland’s south east. We live on 10 acres and have been at our present address for over 20 years. Our prime reason for the move from our previous residence on the Gold Coast was our love of breeding and showing Australian Cattle Dogs, which we began back in 1986.

Prior to that time we had a red female ACD, Kirra, who came to us as a rescue from the Coffs Harbor (NSW) pound in the early 1980’s. Kirra was an absolutely wonderful companion and our fate was sealed very quickly after she became a member of our family.

In 1986 we lost Kirra and after careful consideration & several months of “moping around” we decided we couldn't have another breed, but not wanting to try & replace Kirra decided to purchase a couple of registered blue ACD’s & have a go at showing & breeding them. Our first was Khowguran Klous, a blue male, bred by Mr Keith & Mrs Bev (dec) Jenkin of Jimboomba, Qld. Klous was soon followed by Coomablue Bonnie, a blue bitch.

Our love of the red speckled colour was soon to re-surface though & by the time we were ready to breed our first litter we wanted another red. Instead of using our own stud dog, Klous, we went straight out and used another dog, a red male (and half brother to Klous), Mookibilly Boots n All. We kept our first home bred bitch from this litter, Blucalypt Red Jaqueline. Jaquie never reached any great heights in the show ring, but did provide us with our 1st “in show win”, a lot of  fun and more than a few raised eyebrows at the thought of us seriously showing reds. Our show history from that point is now common knowledge, with our reds being well known throughout the show scene.

We were lucky enough to have some really big wins in our early days—Ch Bangeeri Rebel Rouser won Best in Show All breeds from puppy class and Best in Specialty Show at the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Qld. Ch Linklowe Renee was the first red ACD to win BISS at the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Qld’s 41st annual championship show. After 41 years of reds being overlooked we are still as proud as ever of her achievement on that day.

From that time on we were known as "the people with the reds" (reds were largely shunned in the show ring at that time, something we were determined to change). The rest of our ACD story tells itself through the following pages of this website.

Over the years I have also been involed at administration level within the breed as well, serving as a committee member, vice-president & president for the Cattle Dog & Kelpie Club of Queensland & presenting the breed lecture for the judges training scheme a number of times, the most recent being  in 2014.

For the last 5 years I have also been a sub-committee member for the Canine Control Council (Qld) as well. Over the years we have also been members of the NSW, Victorian & North Queensland breed clubs.

Our thanks must go to Dr Pene Kirk and her surgery nurse, Mrs. Jackie Perrins (Perrioak Border Collies) for steering us in the right direction as far as genetic testing within the breed goes. We were one of the first kennels to have our dogs hip scored (1989), the second kennel to be BAER tested in Queensland (every puppy bred by us is still BAER tested) and the first kennel in Queensland to embrace the DNA technology for PRCD once it became available (no puppy bred by ourselves will ever now be affected by PRA). We were of course already using the physical test for PRCD prior to DNA testing becoming available. 

At Blucalypt the ACD temperament is, and always has been of paramount importance. Our policy has always been that if we didn't trust a dog with our children then we wouldn't have that dog ...end of story. There is no need for overly aggressive dogs in today’s society. Our dogs are of an even biddable temperament.

Currently, after an abscence of 3 years from the show ring, due to time and the need for a break to pursue other interests, we are now showing again, at a steady but low 1 show a month or so.

We titled our first blue ACD in 2008, Ch Blucalypt Bianca, and have her very stylish daughter, Blucalypt Blue Kate (another blue), sired by Darcy, who from her one show in 2009 has her first points on the board. Katie is now 80% of the way to her title and should attain this during the couse of 2012 (after maternal duties have finished).

Katie's son, from her first litter, Kobe, is also well on the way to his title & should easily finish this year as well.

Please feel free to browse our site at your leisure. We hope you enjoy.







Birds have also long been a passion for both of us, we have kept & bred a few for many years, myself beginning as a young boy of less than 10 years old & Sharon from her teenage years.

I began with the usual budgies & zebra finches, followed by lovebirds, finches & Neophema parrots in my teenage years— progressing onto many species of both native & exotic parrots.

Today our collection is based on both South American conures, Eclectus parrots & Australian & exotic lorikeets & lories.

Please feel free to browse our site at your leisure. Again, we hope you enjoy.

Best Regards

Greg & Sharon







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