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There are several families of conure, all hailing from South America. The more common varieties have bred well here in Australia and are well know as both pets & aviary subjects. Species such as the Green Cheeked & Sun Conures are known to all these days, although at one time these birds were very expensive, and kept only by the few who could afford them.

Nowadays things have changed and there are many species, in some cases in many colour morphs, available, many are now very affordable to all.

We currently keep breed the Sun & Peach Fronted Conures from the Aratinga genus along with the Pearly, Black Capped, Rose Crowned & Crimson Bellied along with the Green Cheeked in the cinnamon blue (silver) colour, all from the Pyrrhura family.

Conures need much more than a dry seed diet. Up to 40% of their daily food intake should be fresh fruit & vegetable. Ours are fed this every morning along with sprouted seeds. Dry seed is no longer fed as our birds have all been converted onto pellets, which give a far better & more balanced diet. we have found that they also breed better, producing larger clutches of bigger healthier chicks.

Conures, when hand raised make wonderful pets. Some species can be a bit loud, but they are a really interactive bird and love nothing more than cuddles & pats. They have a strong bond with their owners, and as a bird which has naturally strong pair bonding, expect to be given the attention they deserve.

Sun Conures

Peach Fronted Conures

Pearly Conure

Black Capped Conure

Crimson Bellied Conure

Rose Crowned Conures

Cinnamon Blue (silver) Green Cheeked Conure



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