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Lories & Lorikeets

Exotic lorys & Australian lorikeets are generally brightly coloured, raucus, fun loving & active birds which make interesting & enjoyable pets & aviary subjects.

They have specialised feed requirements, as in the wild these birds feed almost exclusively on pollen & nectar, along with seasonal fruits. Some species will take some seed & insects in the wild, but these are a minor part of their diet.

Luckily for all concerned commercial lorikeet mixes are today readily available, both in wet (nectar replacement) and dry (pollen replacement) forms. Ours are fed wet mix along with fruit & veg every morning. Dry mix is available as lib at all times.

Both rainbow & scaley breasted lorikeets are now available in a large number of colour mutations. We currently keep & breed the rainbow in both double factor pied & lutino colours, and the scaleys in the lutino colour.   

Lorikeets can make excellent pets if hand raised birds are sourced.

    Lutino Rainbow Lorikeets               

  Double Factor Pied Rainbow Lorikeet


Blue Fronted Rainbow Lorikeet

Lutino Scaley Breasted Lorikeet







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